''A Very Big Nigerian Shot Will Be killed By Boko Haram, Obama Will Be Hospitalised : TB Joshua


 On Sunday, the 31st of August 2014, Pastor TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of all Nations made some prophecies on Nigeria, Obama and Kenya.

"Pray for the whole world and pray for your country. Concerning Nigeria, last time I was talking that, they should pray for a Nigerian big shot. Because I'm seeing these people beginning to target them.I said it in January,  You saw what happened. This is another plan now.

 A very big big shot should not be attacked by these people, because it will result to death and that can cause crises in this country. They are looking for avenue to cause conflict amoung the region but I'm seeing in the spirit that they want to attack a very big big shot.

They have stopped it for sometime but they are starting the plan again,and when it happens it will cause political crises.
Remember the passenger plane in that region (Russia) and the one I am talking about in Nigeria. Pray....
Pray for Southern Africa.They want to get rid of a president in that region which I'm not permitted to mention. A president will be kidnapped. Don't mis-quote me like I said last January,but quote this, I'm seeing militants,interested in embarrassing the president, either they kill him or kidnap him.

 They are still on in that plan. If prayer is not offered well, they will succeed. God showed me the president but I don't want to put any country into pandemonium. Pray for them. Particularly Kenya as a nation. Pray for them.
The nation Poland, there will be crises there. It will start any moment from now .

Pray for the president Obama. I'm seeing him being rushed to the hospital but he will get over it. He should be careful of operation. Write it down and mark it. Pray so that when he is rushed to the hospital,they should be careful of the kind of operation they will do. He only needs rest but these scientists like to do everything. There is nothing we can do about it,he will be rushed. "

Alaafin Of Oyo Celebrate His 76th Birthday With His Four Gorgeous Wives(See Photos)

 The Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi turned 76 recently on Sunday August 31st and he celebrated with his four wives, children, close friends and other family members at a grand event in London. Check out photos below.....

Kaduna State Records First Case Of Ebola Virus


 According to a report, a 19 year old student of Law at Ahmadu Bello University has been diagnosed with the deadly Ebola virus in Kaduna State.

 Premium Times reports that the PRO of the Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital, ABUTH, Bilyaminu Umar, confirmed the case yesterday Monday September 1st when contacted via phone; saying that the student was diagnosed at ABUTH, Shika, Zaria.

"Yes, there was a case of a suspected Ebola patient. He is with the Faculty of Law, ABU, Zaria and will be placed on isolation. I am out of town, but will confirm details on my return from a trip.” he said

Boko Haram Reportedly Takes Over Second Largest City In Borno State - Report

 According to reports, Boko Haram militants invaded Borno State's second largest city, Bama, yesterday morning and managed to overpower the Nigerian troops who engaged them in a fierce gun battle today. According to Sahara Reporters, Boko Haram men have taken over Bama and have now hoisted their flag within the city. Bama is just one hour from the state capital, Maiduguri. 

 Reports Says that several soldiers were killed during the gun battle, many of them are missing, while over 100 soldiers who sustained serious injuries are currently being treated at the MRS hospital in Maimalari Barracks.

An intelligence source told Sahara that only a few soldiers, in four armored tanks, were seen near Yezaram River and that the unit was in no way capable of re-taking Bama from the militants.

Meanwhile a source also revealed that there's been a curfew in Maiduguri, that it is likely air strikes will be deployed at Bama and civilians may be requested to leave the town of Bama.

Female Doctor Tests Positive To Ebola In Port Harcourt

 A female doctor who was on admission at the Green Hart hospital where late Port Harcourt doctor, Iyke Enemoah, was treated after he got infected with the deadly virus by an ECOWAS official, has tested positive to Ebola.

Minister of Health, Prof Onyebuchi Chukwu revealed this ear today September 1st during a meeting of the National Emergency Council on Ebola outbreak in Nigeria.

Speaking with all Commissioners for Health in Nigeria, Prof. Chukwu said the doctor who tested positive to Ebola is now being treated at the Ebola isolation ward in Rivers state.

This recent confirmation brings to three the number of confirmed Ebola cases in Rivers state; the index case which is the ECOWAS official, Oluibukun Koye; the late Dr Iyke Enemoah who died on Friday August 22nd and the recently diagnosed female doctor.

Prof Chukwu said more cases of the Ebola Virus Disease were still being expected in Rivers state. Source

Ebola Scare : Five Die After Eating Dog Meat In Cross River

 According to reports, five  persons, a man, two of his children and two others were confirmed dead on Friday in the village of Uchenyim, Wanikade,North Ukelle in Northern Cross River State after eating the meat of a dog.

Reports from the area said the dog was fond of eating the eggs laid by native chicken in the Odareko-Uchenyim village and one of the villagers allegedly laced the eggs laid by his chicken with gamalin 20 insecticide and as expected, “the dog ate the eggs and fell ill and when it was about to die the owner quickly killed and prepared it into a delicacy which he, his family consumed with some neigbours”. Ugbem Onawo, a villager narrated to newsmen.

The man and his two children and the two others who died, according to the report also ate the intestines of the dog where incidentally the poison from the gamalin 20 is lodged leading to their taking ill and dying . “After the man shared the intestines among his children and the two neighbours and they ate death came calling and they all died though at different times, which made some villager wrongly suspect the deadly ebola virus.

Okada Men And Police Fight In Lagos

 Okada men and police men faced off this morning in the Mile 2 axis of Lagos State. According to an eye-witness, the Okada men started it by throwing rocks at the police after they were stopped from passing a particular road. See more photos below....

Wow! : Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo's Niece Kikelomo Anubi Pregnant At 64

 A niece of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Mrs Kikelomo Anubi(pictured above) who is 64 years old, is currently expecting her first child after being married for 28years.

Mrs Anubi, whose Ghanaian husband just returned home after leaving her for 6 years, spoke to City People magazine about being an expectant mother at such an old age.

"I am pregnant and permit me to tell you that by next year when I have my baby I will be 65. I have been married for 28 years. It may amaze you that I got pregnant in a natural way. I didn't do IVF. I have done IVF before at a popular hospital on the island and it failed. In fact, an uncle of mine who is a top shot paid for it. I almost lost my life but God intervened". she said.

Asked how she is related to the former President, Mrs Anubi said;
"He is my Uncle and somebody I respect so much. My mum is his elder sister and if you look at my face, you will see the resemblance. I am also from Owu" she said.

Shocking : UNILAG's Cheif Security Officer Murdered By Suspected Cultists

 The Head of Operations for the Security Unit of the University of Lagos, Mr Sunday Adejumo has reportedly been killed by suspected cultists.

The 50-year-old Chief Security Officer was murdered in broad daylight at a beer parlour on Oyenuga street in Akoka area of Lagos last Friday.

On Friday night, the deceased was at the joint with three of his friends when the suspected assassins stormed the bar.

They were said to have headed straight for their target where he sat and hit him in the chest, before firing shots at him. The gunshots were said to have caused confusion in the area.

He was pronounced dead few minutes later in the hospital.

An undercover security source said the Chief Security Officer was murdered by UNILAG cultists for leaking their secrets activities to the police.

Messy : Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's Younger Brother, Rev Ken Accused Of Impregnating A South African Lady

 The crisis rocking the Christ Embassy Church is about to get even messier. The Nigerian Times claims that Rev. Ken Oyakhilome, younger brother of head Pastor, Chris Oyakhilome, founder of the Church has also been accused of fornication and adultery.

Last week, reports emerged in the media that Rev. Anita, wife of the charismatic and ‘pastorpreneuer,’ popularly known as Pastor Chris, had filed for divorce in the UK, citing ‘adultery’ and ‘unreasonable behaviour.’ As the news made the round, it was met with disbelief by members of the Christ Embassy Church who revere Pastor Chris and were in the dark on the marital crises facing the couple.

Now the scandal may even get worse. Pastor Chris’ younger brother, known in the Church circle as Rev. Ken, was alleged to have impregnated a South African lady, name withheld, a member of the Church in Randburg, Guateng, which is the headquarters of Christ Embassy, South Africa. Rev. Ken, used to be the regional pastor of Christ Embassy in charge of South Africa until a few years when he was transferred to the branch of the church in Texas, USA.

The Nigerian Times’s sources say the romance between Rev. Ken and the member was an open secret among members of the Church in South Africa and the alleged pregnancy of the lady was said to have ruffled feathers among the top echelons of church but was hushed in order to prevent a scandal. The lady, according to sources, aborted the child with the knowledge of leaders of the church.

Like his elder brother, Rev. Ken has lived apart from his wife Pastor Ose for over ten years now. Pastor Ose used to manage the Okota, Lagos branch of the Church while her husband, Ken was the regional pastor in South Africa. The couple still lives apart today as Pastor Ose now manages the Church in South Africa while her husband, Ken is in Texas, running the church there.

Although the alleged romance between Rev Ken and the said Sister, which resulted in pregnancy, was kept a secret, the crisis in the Church involving Pastor Chris and his wife Anita, had led to many of such secrets tumbling out. Some members of the Church unhappy with happenings there had set up Facebook page, Where is Rev Anita, through which they vent their frustrations about the secrecy with which the church is run and some of the allegedly ungodly things happening there.

Find below some comments about the Rev Ken saga:
From Sister Lebogang Radibela(a Church member): “It’s true, here in Johannesburg a pastor impregnated a young lady and forced her to do abortion, later on the lady was promoted to being a pastor, till today she is still a pastor, working together with the wife to the pastor who impregnated her. Members act like this is normal; I mean where we draw a line.”

From Jacob Nnoli: @Sister Lebogang Radibela, “it’s not just a pastor. it’s our darling older brother Rev Ken himself that activated the pregnancy button but it’s shocking to know that our regional pastor, Pastor Ose Oyakhilome, a mother herself supported the abortion and by (following the principle of the ) 48 laws of power, she’s keeping her close. That sounds like what an ‘area mother’ would do and to top it up, the grandfather himself Rev Chris ordained the sister a pastor and probably help seared the damaged conscience with some rands/dollars. How many more in Nigeria region? Time will fail us to speak of Asaba, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Benin and many too numerous to mention. I had to listen to that Youtube message again this morning and I can now understand when Pastor Chris said Pastor Anita should have moved with those who will help her as the wife of global pastor. Is this what she should learn, to help Pastor Yemisi and other indicted ladies? Actually Pastor, you forgot to announce the firing of Pastor Pat, the CSO as a result of leaked White House (Pastor Chris’ residence in Lagos) information and the hiring of a brother-in-law Deacon Kingsley Osazuwa. Our darling Rev Ken, it looks like Durex, Trojan, and Gold circle condoms etc have all finished in the market because of ….May God have mercy but we need to obtain the mercy.”

Meanwhile, the London branch of the Christ Embassy Church is undergoing a major crisis which had led the Charity Commission, the body licensed to regulate charities in the UK, to take over its financial administration through the appointment of an Interim Manager. The body accused the Church Trustees of “serious concerns about the financial management of the Church, including in particular large connected payments. Since then a books and records inspection has been carried out and the regulator has obtained information from and met the trustees, however, the regulator’s concerns about the financial management of the charity have not been resolved.”

The Commission therefore used its powers under the UK Charities Act to appoint Mr. Rod Weston of Mazars as Interim Manager of the charity to the exclusion of the charity’s trustees as a temporary and protective measure. The implication is that Mr Weston is now in charge of the financial management of the Christ Embassy, UK and will deal with all matters relating to finances, to the exclusion of the pastors and staff of the Church.

A similar thing had occurred to another Nigerian-owned church, the Kingsway International Christian Centre, KICC pastored by Mathew Ashimolowo, which necessitated his relocation to Nigeria from the UK. Also the UK government barred Nigerian Pastor, David Oyedepo from entering the country, allegedly because of some unwholesome practices of its church.