Nigerian Military kill 25 Boko Haram Members In Damboa

 At least 25 members of Boko Haram were killed yesterday October 19th by troops of the 7th division of the Nigerian army after the sect members launched a fresh attack at Damboa LGA in Borno state. Damboa is the same town the sect captured in June but was recovered by the Military in August.

Residents of the area said terrorists arrived around 5pm yesterday in seven Hilux buses and many motorcycles, and immediately started shooting at villagers. Fortunately, the military stationed in the area returned fire an killed many of the sect members...

A resident of the town told Vanguard;
"The terrorist numbering over 100 in 7 Hilux pickup vans and motocycles fully armed with Rocket Propelled Launchers, Improvised Explosive Devices(IED), AK47 rifles, stormed the town on Sunday night. They realized that the town had started picking up live following the returning of many fleeing residents after military took over from the terrorist who captured the town in June this year but we are happy that they are confronted". Source

WHO Finally Declares Nigeria Ebola-free Country

 The World Health Organization, WHO, and the Federal Ministry of Health today held a joint press conference in Abuja were they formally declared Nigeria Ebola Virus Disease free. This is great news. See some photos from the press conference below... 

Heavy Explosion Hits Edo State

 According to NAN, an explosion rocked a residential estate in Benin, the Edo State capital Saturday, the state police command said Sunday.

 The State's Deputy Police Public Relations Officer, Ejiroro Ahwara, confirmed the attack on Denis Osadebey Avenue, in a statement made available to newsmen in Benin on Sunday.

 He said the “Command received information that at about 10: 30 p.m. on Saturday that there was an explosion at Dennis Osadebey Avenue, Benin City.’’

Mr. Ahwara said that men of the Special Anti-Bomb Squad and patrol vehicles were immediately drafted to the scene of incident.

He explained that preliminary investigation revealed that items suspected to be Improvised Explosive Device, IED, made up of two tiger batteries of 15 volt each connected to long wire, was thrown into the mini-estate from outside.

Mr. Ahwara said the explosion affected the ceiling boards at the security post in the estate as well as a part of the main gate.

He explained that the impact dug a small hole at the entrance gate, but stated that “luckily, no life was lost”.

“The IED used in the attack has been recovered by the Bomb Disposal Unit for analysis, while some suspects have been arrested”, he further stated.

Domestic Violence : Man Beats His Pregnant Wife To Death

 One Mr. Ozoemena Nwankwo, has been arrested by the Enugu State police for allegedly beating his pregnant wife, Ndidi Nwankwo, to death.

 According to the Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Ebere Amaraizu, the incident occurred around 10pm on October 17 at Nwankwo’s residence in Akpawfu village, Nkanu East Local Government Area of Enugu State. Nwankwo, who was described as a chronic wife-beater, beat up Ndidi, who was four months pregnant, until she lost consciousness. 

 The woman sustained a severe injury on her right leg in the course of the beating. It was gathered that the pregnant woman gave up the ghost after she was rushed to a nearby hospital.

 Ndidi’s corpse has been deposited at Agbani General Hospital, in Nkanu West Local Government Area, while Nwankwo is currently in custody as police operatives conduct investigations into the incident. Amaraizu said Nwankwo has expressed regrets over the development, saying he never thought his pregnant wife would die as a result of the beating.

Boko Haram Breaks Ceasefire Deal, Kill Many In Fresh Attack

 Despite the ceasefire deal reached between the dreaded Boko Haram sect and the Nigerian government on Friday October 17th, members of the sect, on the same evening and in the early hours of Saturday October 18th launched fresh attacks on Abadam and Dzur villages in Borno state killing at least 9 people including the father of the former Borno state House of Assembly, Goni Ali-Modu.

 According to reports, the people killed in the fresh attacks were residents of the villages who were jubilating over the announced ceasefire agreement.

"The people (killed) were celebrating the ceasefire before Boko Haram came to attack them. There isn't much details but I think you can contact the authorities for details".

 Meanwhile there are reports that the sect is in the process of selecting a new leader after the death of the Abubakr Shekau impostor in Konduga. According to a member of the states civilian JTF who spoke with Tribune, he said the sect is not really ready for a ceasefire and that the people who are posing as leaders of the sect holding meetings with the federal government are mere politicians who are out to deceive the government.

"The sect is only trying to buy more time to enable them to regroup and announce Mamman Nur as their leader. Should that happen, we are far away from any peace deal as his name rings a bell in terrorism circles in Borno to Sudan and other places across Africa" he said. Source

Nigerian Senate Passes Bill For Rapists To Get Life Imprisonment Sentence - Report

 The Nigerian Senate has passed the bill for an Act to prohibit violence against persons with provisions strengthening sanctions against offenders, including life jail for rapists.

 The bill, sponsored by Victor Ndoma-Egba, was passed at Thursday’s plenary and it was approved with  favourable voice votes.

Speaking at the session, Senate President, David Mark, said the legislation would address some of the evil customs of the society, adding that the law would sufficiently protect the people from the excesses of such devilish people.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the legislation seeks to eliminate violence in private and public life.It specifically prohibits all forms of violence, ranging from physical, sexual, psychological, domestic, harmful traditional practices and discrimination, against persons.

NAN further reports that its provision provides maximum protection and effective remedies for victims and punishment for offenders.The proponents of the bill had argued that the right of persons to freedom and security must be guaranteed.
 Sections one and two of the legislation have now increased punishment for rape and other forceful sexual activities.A person convicted under the section, according to the bill, is liable to imprisonment for life.

However, where the victim is less than 14 years of age, the offender shall be liable to a minimum of 14 years imprisonment.

“Where the act described under this section is committed by a group of persons, the offence shall be known as gang rape.
“And on conviction the persons shall be liable jointly and severally to a minimum of 20 years imprisonment without an option of fine.

 “The court shall also award appropriate compensation to the victim as it may deem fit in the circumstance,’’ according to the bill. Source

Shocking: Nigerian Serial Killer, Confesses To Have killed Over 60 People(Read)

 Just the kind of people we need to get off the streets, kudos to the police. A 33yr old cultist, Alawunmi Oluwafemi claims to have killed over 60 people as the immortal assassin of the Aye Fraternity. 

 Alawunmi is the most wanted man in Ogun state, who evaded police for years, but was finally captured last week in the ancient city of Ijebu Ode. He was arrested by operatives of the Special Anti Robbery Squad, Ogun State police command after a gun battle.

 Now in police custody, Oluwafemi told The Sun the story of his life as an axe man in the underworld and how he killed more than 60 men and women. You won't believe his story. Read below...

The hunt 
Saturday Sun gathered that the inability to arrest the sus­pect led to the transfer of several police area commanders out of Ijebu Ode.
Disturbed by his exploits, the Ogun State Commissioner of Police, Ikemefuna Okoye directed the SARS team to relocate to Ijebu-Ode and fish Oluwafemi out at all costs. As a result, the team led by SP Mohammed Tijiani eventually succeeded in tracking down ‘the big fish’ on October 6 during the Ojude Oba festival.

According to CP Ikemefuna, members of Oluwafemi’s gang put up a resistance and a gun battle ensued. Eventually, he was arrested after he was shot in the leg. “He is not only a cultist but also a serial killer. He has confessed that he had led his gang to kill not less than 60 people”, Ikemefuna stated. The police boss, who described the arrest of Oluwafemi as a major breakthrough for the command, accused him of mas­terminding the spate of cult related killings in Ijebu Igbo and Ijebu Ode axis in the last three months. Subdued, the suspect argued that the police were able to arrest him because his charms, which were always in his pocket, were left at home on the fateful day. “I never knew that anyone will be looking for me on a day like this”, he said.

Faulty background 
Just like most criminals, Oluwafemi is from a broken home. The little he could remember of his family was that of chaos which led to the exit of his mother when he was eight years old. “When my mother left, I stayed back with my father and assisted him in the shrine. It was there that I knew how to make potent charms. After his death in the 90s, I moved over to stay with my mother who also died years later. I had no choice but to move over and live with my maternal grandmother who is based in Ondo. She also died few years after I moved in to stay with her. My only alternative was my paternal grandmother who is based in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State. It was in her house that I stayed and learnt how to cut wood and was able to secure a job in one of the sawmills.
“It was when she died that I knew that I had to survive by all possible means. I was able to get married but when my wife discovered that my lifestyle was not good, she left and followed another man. From that day till sometime in 2009, I have been in and out of different odd jobs just to make ends meet.”

His initiation 
In his so-called attempt to survive, Oluwafemi joined bad gangs. “I needed to survive, so I did everything possible. Sometime in 2009, a friend of mine, Ahmed invited me over for a birthday party at Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State. At about 8pm, he asked me to escort him to see a friend who was also cel­ebrating his birthday. I was surprised when he started entering a bush close to Olabisi Onabanjo University. I was about to ask him what his friend would be doing there, when some young men emerged from the bush and started beating me up.
“They overpowered me and threatened to shoot if I dare to run away. It was then that Ahmed told me that I was actu­ally on my way to participate in the Aye initiation ceremony. There were so many of us who were beaten. They blindfolded us and marched us further into the bush. It was when we final­ly stopped that I saw the crowd of young men who came for the initiation, most of them were students. They kept beating us and forced us to lie on the floor, while they marched on our bodies. 
“Later, they brought kolanut and pierced our hands with razor blade. We were forced to eat the kolanut mixed with our blood as a sign of oath-taking. We were given new names and mine was Aye Skyppo. At about 4am, we were handed over to those who brought us to the ini­tiation camp”, he narrated.

After initiation, Oluwafemi said he was taken away by his friend who took him to a house where he took his bath and changed his dress. He was then taught some of the things he needed to know as a member of the Aye fraternity cult. “It is known as orientation, where the person who introduced you will tell you the rules and regulations. The first and most important is that if you reveal their secret, you will die. The mem­bers of the cult will hunt you down and kill you. I was also taught some of the nicknames used among cult members. For instance, to shoot means to light someone up. If you hear a sen­tence like, Femi light him up, it means that you should shoot. Gun is known as four, fire as er­ayo, matchet as meche, freedom as axe, stab as enter, cartridge as red nut.”

Beginning of bloodbath 
He claimed that he was advised to secure a gun for his personal safety. “Sometime in 2010, there was a clash between Aye and another cult group known as Eiye. One of our members who was a student was killed, and there was a man­date to hack down anyone who is from Eiye. “I was always going around with a gun, anytime there is crisis. I bought it at a price of N12,500 from Ondo State. This was necessary in case there was any attack. In 2010 during Olabisi Onabanjo University matriculation ceremony, we were assigned to retaliate. As soon as we spotted one Eiye member who was vulnerable, we attacked and stabbed him till the police res­cued him. He later died on the way while most of us were arrested and remanded in prison. I was in prison for a year and some months before I was granted bail. The case was later struck out because it was a cultism case and since I had spent sometime in the prison, I was free to go.”

Back home, Oluwafemi claimed that he wanted to stay completely away from the group but when Ahmed learnt that he was free, he tracked him down. “Ahmed told me that if I stay away from them, I would be endangering my life as the other cult group might come after me since I had already stained my hands with their blood. I had no choice but to go back but I decided to fortify myself. My late father was a native doctor and I have seen him prepare charms for people. All I did was to get the eyelid of a cat, cotton, black and white thread and mixed it with my urine before I dried it up. It was the reason till date, they have not been able to arrest me or kill me. I was arrested this time because I did not come out with the charm, since there was peace among the various cult groups in the area.”
According to him, he rose in ranks and was named Femi Kuti since all attempts to kill him failed. “I am not making mouth or celebrat­ing my success, you can ask ques­tions. I have been shot at close range severally and stabbed without any injury. This was why they named me Femi Kuti, meaning ‘he that cannot be killed’. I impressed them so much that I was later called Badoo. Nor­mally the overall leader of the group must be a student. We that are not un­dergraduates are still under them but do the main hits. If there is any clash, it is people like us that are contacted to go and kill because we cannot be easily traced. The students, if caught, will be expelled and that is not good because most of them are our spon­sors. They are the ones whose duty it is to sponsor the cult, that is why the leader must be a student.” Throwing more light on how they managed to initiate stu­dents, Oluwafemi said that their targets are nor­mally boys from very rich homes. “They love life and can be found wherever there is a party. You promise them power and security and they will gladly follow you anywhere. Just as I told you, I was lured into the bush because I thought that there was a bigger party there. We do the dirty jobs while they fund the fraternity. Most of them are the ones that are killed because they do not have the experience to protect themselves”

Serial killings 
He admitted that he cannot remember all, but all those that were killed were young men who were members of another cult. “Once there is a clash, they will declare war which means that that I am free to kill. They depended on me so much to deliver whenever there is a clash which is normally paid for with human blood. In 2014, I led the team that killed someone at 911 club at Ijebu-Ode, I gunned down another at Ibadan garage, I also killed one Seun along Benin ex­pressway. I do not know where to start but to ask God to forgive me and give me another chance to live a better life. I know that I have killed more than 60 people but all of them are cultists or unclean people who must have soiled their hands one way or the other. All I want now is for God to forgive me and wash my hands clean of their blood”

On how he was arrested, Oluwafemi said he never knew that the person who was calling him on the phone was a policeman. “They tracked me down and lured me out to the open. We were there for the Ojude Oba festival which is sup­posed to be peaceful. Although my boys tried their best to protect me, they were overpowered by the police who later handcuffed me. The truth is that I did not come out with my charm and besides, if there was any problem among cult members, I will not come out in the open.”

On how he has survived till now, he said since his parents and grandparents were deceased, he has chosen the path of crime because he cannot be engaged in anything meaningful. “I started selling hard drugs especially the one known as Skunk which is stronger than cocaine. Among us, it is known as bible because of the shape. I normally buy one at the cost of N15,000, I will grind and wrap it in a paper at N100 per wrap. At the end of the day, I will make about N20,000 gain from each N15,000 bible. I was also sus­tained by the cult because they knew the impor­tance of having me around them.” Source

'Boko Haram To Release 218 Chibok Girls On Monday Following Ceasefire'

 According to new reports, about 218 schoolgirls abducted six months ago in Chibok, Borno State, by the violent Boko Haram sect may be released on Monday.

 The Federal Government, through the Nigerian military, had on Friday said that it had agreed to a ceasefire with the violent sect and that the Chibok girls would soon be released. And now according to a new report on PUNCH, the President’s Principal Secretary, Hassan Tukur, told BBC Focus on Africa that an agreement to end the Boko Haram hostilities had been reached after one month of negotiations in Saudi Arabia.

 The negotiation was said to have been headed by the Chadian President Idriss Deby.

Tukur said Boko Haram announced a unilateral ceasefire on Thursday and the government had responded. He said:
 “The Boko Haram members have assured us that they have the girls and that they will release them. I am cautiously optimistic.”

Tukur and Danladi Ahmadu, who calls himself the Secretary-General of Boko Haram, told VOA’s Hausa-language service that the abducted girls would be released on Monday in Chad.

The girls are alive and “in good condition and unharmed,” Ahmadu said. Source

Cause For Alarm? Mass Failure Recorded At Nigerian Law School As Over 3,000 Students Fail Bar Exam

 The Nigerian Law School recently released the 2013/2014 August result, and apparently it wasn't plausible.

 Out of the 5,000 candidates who registered for the exam, only about 2,000 passed. Meaning that about 3,000 students failed the bar exam, the highest failure the Nigerian Law School has witnessed since its 50 years of existence.

Many of the students are angry and frustrated. They say they don't believe the mass failure is the fault of the students and are now asking for a review of their results.

 An affected student who reached out to reporters said; 
"People have worked their butt off for this exam, people have ran literally mad for this exam, these same people have invested their life savings for this exam, people who lost their parents prior to this exam had to muster the strength to write this exam and the Director general of the Nigerian law school who is responsible for the this mass failure doesn't see reasons with these people. He said he's raising a standard but all we see is a high standard of failure!"
Another student said:
"Do we say 3000 students payed N300,000 not counting expenses for a year, feeding, books, then prepared to fail? We are calling for a review".

T.B. Joshua Spotted With Three Bags Of Rice On His Head

Prophect T.B. Joshua, Nigerian controversial pastor was spotted with three bags of rice on his head.The photo shows the smiling pastor in a brown ‘’ T-shirt with a face cap and three bags of rice on his head. There are still no details where the photo was taken or what was the pastor’s motive.
The Miracle/healing working pastor is currently at the centre of a scandal over the tragic collapse of SCOAN church guest house building that left nearly 200 people dead.
I have heard the pastor is humble and does charity deeds but this is just unbelievable. 3 bags of rice on a head is not joke oh,,,