"Pastor T.B Joshua Also Offered Foreign Journalist Bribe" - Journalist Nicholas Ibekwe Says

 Journalist Nicholas Ibekwe, who yesterday released an audio recording of Prophet T.B Joshua offering Nigerian reporters that came to cover one of his buildings' collapse N50,000 bribe.

 It turns out foreign journalists reportedly were offered the money too. But they rejected it. Read his latest tweets below....

"I Can Feel Bullets Destroying My Organs" - Kano College Survivors, Recount Ordeal

 Some of the Survivors of  Wednesday’s terror attacks at the Federal College of Education, Kano, are still traumatised by the carnage which left 13 of their colleagues dead with many others severely injured.

 Terrorists believed to be suicide bombers launched an assault on the college, the fallout of which is still rocking the city of Kano. Saturday Tribune was at the sick bed of some of the 34 ‘lucky survivors’ who though savour a lucky escape but have given up the pursuit of academics if that will save their dear lives.

At the Murtala Mohammed Specialist Hospital, Abdulyasar Nasir narrated his ordeal.
At age 12, Nasir is simply too young to study at the College but the boy is known at the school 
premises as a hawker of sachet water.
“I may be young to you but the way you see me, I contribute to the welfare of my family by selling pure water to the students. They all like me so I  make much money off them,” Nasir explained.

Nasri is being treated for wounds from gun shots.

“I  was on campus hawking my goods after closing from school. All of a sudden, I heard gunshots, three of which hit my legs.That was the last I could recall. When I regained consciousness, I  found myself on the hospital,” he said.
Nasir begged Saturday Tribune of two things.
“It’s good you are here, please help tell the doctors in turanci (English) to attend to me quickly. I can feel the bullets are destroying the organs of my body. Then carry it in your paper and tell my parents I  am not dead but here. I am yet to see them here, they may have thought I am one of the casualities.’

Ahmad Kabir, a student of Modern European Languages, said:
“I was looking forward to write a test our lecturers had prepared us for when the invaders struck. First to hit the floor was our lecturer who was hit by a gunshot. Nothing, and I  repeat, nothing can encourage me to go back to school again. Oga, I am in trauma. It is just as if it has just happened.” 
Mohammed Kawu, just like Nasir is apprehensive of what his parents must be going through.

“I  am from Hadejia town in Jigawa State. I  lost my phone in the melee and I  am sure my parents will be wondering what is going on, thinking I  might have been killed,” he said.

Recalling the commando style the terrorists deployed in their approach, Kawu said:“
they shot once and turned their backs. The next thing was sporadic shooting as if they were being commanded by a superior officer. The entire school hall became a house of confusion, with everybody running helter skelter. I screamed Alahu Akbar and lost consciousness. The next thing I  saw was that I  was being fed in the hospital,” he stated.
A delegation of the Federal Government led by the Minister of Education, Malam Ibrahim Shekarau, was at the college on Friday. Shekarau said that the rampant cases of attack on tertiary institutions needed a fresh strategy to curb untimely death of innocent students.

“It is unfortunate that institutions of learning are being targeted by insurgents. I am sure all of us: federal, state, security agents and all concerned have to put hands  on deck to ensure that maximum safety of lives and properties in our institutions must be given the highest priority. 

We see this trend as another challenge to stakeholders to further go back to drawing board to ensure additional strategies to detect and protect the lives and property of the young ones in our institution.  

President Jonathan, on behalf of the Federal Government,  extends his sympathy and condolence to the families, staff and management of this institution for losing numerous innocent students to the attack of insurgents. We also sympathise with the wounded ones who are currently receiving treatments at various hospitals, the entire community who have been seriously traumatised by this incident.”

Earlier the provost of the college, Dr. Rabi Muhammad Jibrila, told the delegation of the pathetic situation the innocent students faced in the hands of the attackers.
“It is worrisome that this ugly situation could be happening in the higher institution of learning. What could have been the offence of students that warranted such an onslaught?” he queried.
The Emir of Kano, Alhaji Muhammad Sanusi 11, also called on the surviving  students of the  college to go back to the school and continue their education, saying that is the only way to defeat the objective and aims of the terrorists.

Sanusi, who made the call when he visited some of the surviving victims  at the Murtala Muhhammed Hospital,  urged them not to be deterred or fearful of going back to school after they have been discharged.

“The aim of the insurgents was to threaten you so that you will be scared of continuing your education, therefore, don’t be disturbed, go back as soon as you are well. See it as part of the challenges you have to face in life to become somebody in future. You are my children, the advice I can give to you are that be determined and be resolute, I believe you will be well very soon, but don’t entertain any fear of going back to continue your education,’’ he added.

Red Cross Involved In Secret Prisoner Swap With Boko Haram To Release Chibok Girls

 According to reports, the Nigerian federal govt is in talks with Boko Haram to release Chibok girls despite vowing a few months ago not to negotiate with the terror group.

 As revealed by the UK Telegraph, the International Committee of the Red Cross is currently involved in a secret prisoner swap deal to secure the release of the girls. read report below...

Officials from the Geneva-based organisation have sat in on talks between the Nigerian government and a senior Boko Haram leader currently held in one of the country's maximum security prisons. The Red Cross officials have also visited a number of other jails, identifying a list of 16 senior commanders that Boko Haram wants freed in exchange for its hostages.
The ICRC's role in the talks represents the first official confirmation that the Nigerian government is actively engaged in talks with Boko Haram over the release of the girls. Publicly, Nigeria's president, Goodluck Jonathan, has maintained that the government would never agree to any kind of negotiations.

The ICRC, whose global remit includes prisoners' welfare, has agreed to act as an independent party in ensuring that the two sides, neither of which trust each other, honour any prisoner swap agreement. It has also offered to monitor and oversee any co-ordinated exchange of the schoolgirls for the militants.

Fred Eno, a veteran Nigerian civil rights activist who has been involved in the talks, told The Telegraph: "We felt the negotiations would go better with the backing of a major international humanitarian organisation like the ICRC. There have been two or three ICRC people at each meeting - international staff rather than Nigerians - and they accompany the government security agents to the various prisons and detention centres to identify the people that Boko Haram want released." 
The negotiations began around two months ago, when representatives of the ICRC, along with government officials and intermediaries from Nigerian civil rights groups, met with a senior Boko Haram leader currently serving a life sentence in Kuje prison, near the Nigerian capital, Abuja. The Boko Haram leader, identified only as "Omar", acted as a spokesman for all the group's detainees. 
A source close to the talks claimed that at one point, the discussions came close to reaching a deal, with delegations despatched to the city of Yola, in north-east Nigeria, in preparation for picking up the girls. 
However, the deal then broke down when Boko Haram refused to release all the girls at once, as the government had insisted.

"The insurgents wanted to release the girls on a piecemeal basis, but the government turned down that offer," the source said. "There was also some opposition from some factions inside of the government to doing any kind of prisoner swap at all, as they feel the Boko Haram prisoners are hardened criminals who have committed heinous crimes."

Mr Eno said the 16 prisoners that Boko Haram wanted released were not well-known names among the Nigerian public, but were still senior figures in the group. "They were senior enough that some other commanders who had taken their place are worried about what will happen to their own positions if they are released," he said.

He added that one of the reasons for the breakdown in the agreement was that in some cases, the ICRC and prison authorities had been unable to match the names on the Boko Haram list to prisoners held in any jails. He said was possible that this was because the names were simply wrong or inaccurate, but that the group had inferred that the government was trying to hold some prisoners back, and had therefore refused to release all the girls at once.

News of the ICRC's involvement may bring a glimmer of hope for the girls' families, many of whom have begun to fear that they may never see their daughters again. Some have even asked the government to officially declare their children as dead so that they can conduct formal funerals. Western diplomats in Abuja also told The Telegraph recently that they doubted the girls would ever be released because of Western pressure on the Nigerian government not to negotiate with a terrorist group as brutal as Boko Haram.

The ICRC has a track record in trying to assist people held captive by insurgent groups. In Afghanistan, its staff have made discreet visits to private jails run by the Taliban, even as the Taliban engage in fighting with coalition forces.

A spokesman for the ICRC in Geneva would neither confirm nor deny its involvement in the talks, but said it was willing to help "in facilitating the transfer of people back to families if necessary". 

He added: "We have a dialogue with all the different parties, and if there is any way we can help as a neutral humanitarian organisation, we will." Source

Journalist Nicholas Ibekwe Reveals How Pastor of T.B Joshua Offered Journalists N50k Bribe(Report)

 A Journalist Nicholas Ibekwe this afternoon shared audio proof of T.B Joshua offering journalists (who are covering the building collapse) N50,000 to 'fuel' their cars after he met with them behind close doors at his church premises.

 After giving them the money, he asked them what they planned to write and some of them said whatever he wants them to write. He asked them to talk about the people who were rescued/survived and not focus on the people who died. Read his tweets below....

Corps Member Donates N10,000 Allowy To Aid President Goodluck Jonathan's Re-election

 A serving corps member, Ezemagu Sunday Nnamdi has donated the sum of N10,000 to President Jonathan's re-election bid.

 In a press statement released by Mr. Reuben Abati, Special Adviser to President Jonathan on Media & Publicity, the young Nigerian sent the donation of Ten Thousand Naira as his humble contribution to the President’s  re-election. Reuben also disclosed that the donation was sent before the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) adopted the President as its sole candidate for the 2015 presidential elections. 

In the letter forwarding his donation, Ezemagu Sunday Nnamdi told President Goodluck Jonathan:
“Nigerians are behind you. We see your good works in power, transportation, education, housing, ICT, sports, electoral reforms, observation of the principle of federal character and the creation of investment opportunities. The insurgents who are trying to destabilize your Administration are enemies of peace and progress. You will surely defeat them.”

 President Jonathan has also replied Sunday, saying he was deeply touched and encouraged by the immense support his administration continues to receive from young Nigerians from all parts of the country.
“Your gracious gesture is particularly gratifying, coming as it does from one of our nation’s vibrant and gifted youth who are our successor generation and for whom our Administration is unequivocally committed to providing the requisite environment to optimally realize their tremendous creative and productive potentials. 

As I carry on with the task of positively transforming our country for its God-ordained greatness and prosperity, I will continue to count on the goodwill as well as the practical and prayerful support of committed patriots like you.”

Scotland Votes "No" To Independence From The UK

 Scotland has overwhelmingly rejected independence after a record turnout of voters delivered a victory for the NO campaign.

Alex Salmond’s seperatist campaign was resoundingly defeated, with 55 percent of Scotland voting to remain in the 307years old union.

 Prime minister David Cameron said he was ”delighted” that the Scottish people had rejected independence.

He said that the result is ”clear” and that ”there can be no disputes, no re-runs”.

”Like millions of other people, i am delighted. As i said during the campaign it would have broken my heart to see our UNITED KINGDOM come to an end,” he said.

”And i know that the sentiment was shared by people, not just across our country, but around the world because of what we’ve achieved together in the past and what we can do together in the future.”

He tweeted at around 5:45am and said that he had called Alistair Darling the chairman of the Better Together campaign, to ”congratulate him on a well-fought campaign.” 

Synagogue Building Collapse: Lagos State Government Moves Against T. B Joshua - Report

 The Lagos State Government has moved against the popular Synagogue Church of All Nations, at Ikotun, after one of its buildings collapsed last week killing at least 80 people including a 10-year-old kid with many others left critically injured.

The structure, which was under construction, was initially a two-storey building before the addition of four new floors which were under construction. As of Thursday, after NEMA announced that rescue work has ended, the death toll in the building collapse hit 80. Among the dead were 67 South Africans. 

According to Punch, the Lagos State Building Control Agency has, therefore, marked the main building of the church, asking for relevant documents to prove its structural integrity.

The General Manager, Lagos State Building Control Agency, Mrs. Abimbola Animashaun-Odunayo, who confirmed that the building had been marked by the agency in a phone interview with Saturday PUNCH, said it had requested that the church provides some documents, adding that a structural integrity test would be carried out on all the buildings in the church complex.
She said:
“X’ (the mark on the building) does not mean demolition; it is for structural integrity test to be carried out on the building and the church is expected to provide all the documents for approval and the church has three months to do this.”
Asked if the building would be demolished in case the church failed to meet the requirements within the time frame, Animashaun-Odunayo declined to make further comments.

“Look, it is still under investigation; I can’t say more than that. I don’t even know who I am talking with on the phone,” she said.

Meanwhile, diplomatic tensions between South Africa and Nigeria have escalated as the SA government struggles to get answers about the building collapse that killed the largest number of South Africans outside the country since the downing of the Helderberg airliner in 1987.

Pretoria’s diplomats are reportedly contending that “Nigeria is obsessed with its competitive attitude towards South Africa”. Here's what a disgusted senior South African government official involved in the mission to bring the bodies of their citizens home said to Mail & Guardian:
“The Nigerians have flatly refused our search and rescue missions, the same way they initially refused international assistance during the search for the missing girls. They feel that this could send a politically worrying message that they don’t have capacity. The reality is that our search and rescue teams and sniffer dogs are the best on the continent.  

Making matters worse is Nigeria’s culture of secrecy and superstition. You find even government officials believing in the cult of this prophet and not asking questions during such disasters. It’s unbelievable. But there is also an element of cover-up by [preacher TB] Joshua, because there is a possibility of litigation cases against him for negligence. 

The worst thing to note [is that] the Nigerian government has not issued any statement: no condolences to our government, nor to the families.”

SA's Department of international relations and co-operation spokesperson Clayson Monyela confirmed that South Africa has identified most of the bodies through passports, and that the government will work with family members to identify the remains of their loved ones. Source

8 Ebola Awareness Workers killed By Angry Villagers Claiming There Is No Ebola

 8 Ebola awareness workers including 3 journalists & 5 health workers were killed by angry villagers on Tuesday September 16th in Wome village, same village where the Ebola virus broke out early this year.

 The workers were killed while out creating awareness and distributing flyers about Ebola. According to reports, the villagers, who believe the Ebola outbreak is a fabricated story, began throwing rocks at the delegation who arrived to do disinfection work and educate people about how to prevent Ebola.

According to a journalist who escaped and later spoke to a radio station in Guinea, she said residents who have always rebuffed government's effort in containing the spread of the virus, gathered around them, first started by insulting them then the physical assault started. Overall, 8 people were killed.

Damantang Albert Camara, a government official who spoke on the incident said the bodies of the workers were dumped in the septic tank of a primary school in the village. Their bodies were found yesterday September 18th.  

"On Thursday, the eight bodies were found in the septic tank of the primary school in the village. Three of them had their throats slit. They had been killed in cold blood by the villagers" he said.

Not Again : Another Well Known Church Building Collapses - Report

 With many still to come to terms with Synagogue building collapse that left not less than 80-people dead, a one-storey building which served as offices for pastors belonging to Christ Chosen Church of God collapsed in Edo state today. Rescue operation is currently ongoing at the site.

 Three people are said to have been rescued alive from the collapsed building while two bodies are still trapped under the rubble. 

President Jonathan Lacks The Experience To Lead Nigeria - Atiku Abubakar Blast

 Former Vice President and Atiku Abubakar, who is also APC's presidential aspirant said in an interview with AFP today that President Jonathan lacks the experience to lead Nigeria, saying it's the reason Boko Haram activities has been on the increase in the nation.

"This insurgency shouldn’t have lasted even six months. Within weeks, we (Obasanjo and I) crushed it because we did not neglect military training and, of course, we did not lack the leadership and the capacity to take decisions. I told Nigerians that he [Jonathan] did not have the capacity; he didn’t have the experience. He didn’t have anything and yet they gave him the chance, the opportunity. And they can now see the chance and the opportunity they gave him. Of course, I’m more experienced than he is. I believe my capacity cannot be compared with his, in all respect.” he concluded.