Zambia Get A White President Following Michael Sata's Death

 Guy Scott, pictured above with his wife and the Obamas, was sworn in yesterday as the interim president of Zambia following the death of Zambian president Michael Sata yesterday October 28th.

 This makes Mr Scott, who is of Scottish descent but born in Zambia, the first white president in Africa since apartheid.

 Guy Scott, 70, became vice-president of Zambia in 2011 and will serve as interim-president pending when the country holds fresh elections for a new president within 90 days. The Zambian constitution makes it impossible for Scott to be president because his parents were not born in Zambia.

Lawyer Festus Keyamo Cries Out To SSS And IGP, Says Tompolo Wants To Kill Him

  Lawyer and human rights activist Festus Keyamo sent a petition to the IG of Police and SSS from about an alleged threat to his life. Read below...

 Threat to kill Mr. Festus Keyamo by Mr. Government Ekpemupolo (Alias Tompolo)
My name is Festus Keyamo. I am a Nigerian citizen and a senior member of the legal profession in Nigeria.
  At exactly 10:13pm on Tuesday, October 28, 2014, I received a telephone call from one Mr. Government Ekpemupolo (alias Tompolo) with phone number (I removed the number). We have been acquaintances in the past, so I know his numbers. After reaffirming that he is Tompolo when I picked his call, he went straight to the point by informing me that he wishes to inform me that he and his “boys” will kill me by beating me to death or shooting me anywhere they can find me. And that the hunt for me is on. His exact words in pidgin English was “we dey look for you. Anywhere we see you, whether for Lagos or Abuja or Warri, we go beat you die or we go shoot you.”

 He said he would kill me because I have decided to take up the matter involving his blood brother, Mr. George Ekpemupolo, who was used to illegally substitute another candidate, Mr. Weyinmi Omadeli (48 hours to the election) in the Warri South-West L.G.A elections that were concluded last Saturday in Delta State. He said no one has ever challenged his authority in Delta State. Kindly find attached the open letter I wrote to Governor Uduaghan of Delta State yesterday which has sparked Tompolo’s determination to kill me.

 I asked Tompolo FIVE TIMES whether, he was, in fact, threatening my life over an open line and he said nobody in the country can do anything about it by the time I am dead.

 Co-incidentally, exactly three minutes after Tompolo dropped his line, His Excellency, Governor Udaughan called me at exactly 10.16pm, and I reported to him what just transpired between Tompolo and myself. The Governor promised to speak with him, but that cannot be reassuring enough, and I know the remedy in law against an intended murderer is not to beg him but to ignite the criminal justice system against him, no matter how comatose that system is.

 I know the subject of this petition, Tompolo, is a favoured citizen of this government, and I am not. I know Tompolo is close to those in power at the moment, whereas I am an ordinary citizen. I know Tompolo has money and influence (which are factors that are widely acknowledged to aid a suspect walk away with murder in Nigeria), but I have none of these. I know Tompolo has instrument to kill human beings, and I have none.
In the circumstance, I am making this petition public so that when you refuse to attend to my complaint and outcry, the ordinary people of this country will, at least, know from where my death came and I will not join the long list of unresolved murders. My killer, should, at least be known.
Thank you for, at least, reading my petition.
Yours sincerely,


Body Of Former Governor Diepriye Alamieyeseigha's Late Son Flown Into Nigeria After Been Murdered Abroad

 The body of Oyoms Alamieyeseigha, one of the sons of former Bayelsa State Governor, Diepriye Alamieyesegha, was flown into Abuja yesterday evening October 28th from Dubai via Arik Air, on transit to Port Harcourt, as the family prepare to bury him.

 The 30 year old man, who was schooling in Dubai, was found murdered there on October 11th. Police initially said it was suicide but that has since been ruled out. Hopefully, the people behind his death will be captured and punished soon enough.

PDP Tells Speaker Tambawal To Resign, After He Defects To The APC

 Aminu Tambuwal who became the Speaker of the House of Reps on the platform of the PDP but recently dumped the party for the APC. 

 The PDP is now asking Aminu Tambuwal to resign. In a statement released by the party, he was told to do the needful... Read below:
"After a thorough consideration of the matter, the NWC (National Working Committee) came to a conclusion that the Hon. Speaker, as a responsible elected officer, knows full well what is needful and honourable of him since his new party is in the minority. We are not unmindful of the fact that Hon. Tambuwal became Speaker on the platform of the PDP as the political party with the majority of seats in the House of Representatives and that this incontrovertible fact has not changed”. the PDP said...

EFCC Arraigns Three Men For N93m Loan Scam - Report

 The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on Monday October 27, 2014 arraigned the trio of Ibrahim Abubakar, Abubakar Maigaskiya and Bashir Musa before Justice Faruk Lawal of Kano State High Court on two separate charges bordering on conspiracy to obtain money by false pretence.

While the 1st accused, Ibrahim Abubakar was docked on a 13-count charge, the duo of Abubakar Maigaskiya and Bashir Musa were slammed with a 2-count charge. 

The accused persons alongside three others currently at large were alleged to have sometime in June 2009 conspired among themselves and forged documents purportedly emanating from the Federal Medical Centre, Birnin Kebbi, Kebbi State, for use in obtaining a N93million loan facility from a new generation bank.

The other suspects are Aminu Garba Gulma, Muhammed Surajo and Yunusa Abdullahi. Because of their absence in court, the charge had to be separated to facilitate the speedy trial of the accused persons that were ready for trial.

While moving the motion to split the charge, the prosecution counsel, M.S Abubakar submitted that in order not to continue delaying the trial of the accused persons present in court and for the purpose of fair hearing the 1st, 5th and 6th accused persons should be tried separately pending the appearance of the other accused persons.

Counsel to the1st accused person M.E Sheriff and counsel to 5th and 6th accused persons did not object to the motion.

The three accused however pleaded not guilty when the charges were read to them.

They were however remanded in prison custody pending hearing of their bail applications. The case was adjourned to October 31, 2014. Source

Good God : Woman Delivers After 5-year Pregnancy(See Photo)

 A woman, Mrs Adenike Kolawole, (pictured left) residing in Abuja and was barren for 27 years, has reportedly given birth to a baby boy after carrying the pregnancy for 5 years. 

 According to PM News, Mrs Adenike gave birth on Sunday October 26th at Evangelical Church of Cherubim and Seraphim located at Pipeline Road, Mafon area, Ejigbo, Lagos during the church's Sunday service.

 Narrating her story to PM news, Mrs Kolawole said she suffered miscarriage in the early period of her marriage and afterwards found it difficult to conceive again. She said she had sought medical help both spiritual and orthodox but none provided any remedy. She said she finally took in five years ago but even in her pregnant state, she was still having her menstrual cycle. She said all through the years she was pregnant with her baby boy, herself and her husband (pictured above) suffered rejection from family and friends.

“I was rejected by my relations, my husband’s family who did not give me the chance of bearing a child. My only consolation was my faith in God,” she said.

She said on the day she gave birth to her son, she was in church for their Sunday service when she noticed her water broke and within minutes, her baby was out. 
Her excited husband, Kayode said he did not believe his wife was pregnant all these years because he had waited in vain. He said he was grateful to God for what he had done and thanked the well wishers for their support.

"Boko Haram R*ped And Beat Us" – Abducted Girls Narrate Their Ordeals

 Some girls and women who managed to regain their freedom after been abducted by Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram have described their shocking life in captivity in a harrowing new report by Human Rights Watch that was published yesterday.

 In the 63-page report, entitled "'Those Terrible Weeks in Their Camp': Boko Haram Violence against Women and Girls in Northeast Nigeria," 47 witnesses and victims, including some of the 276 Chibok girls kidnapped in April described forced marriages and, if they were Christian, orders to convert to Islam or be executed. 

 A 15-year-old girl who was held in a Boko Haram camp for four weeks in 2013 spoke of how she was forced to marry a militant more than twice her age:
“After we were declared married I was ordered to live in his cave but I always managed 
to avoid him. He soon began to threaten me with a knife to have s*x with him, and when I still refused he brought out his gun, warning that he would kill me if I shouted.

 Then he began to r*pe me every night. He was a huge man in his mid-30s and I had never had s*x before. It was very painful and I cried bitterly because I was bleeding afterwards.”

A 19-year-old who was r*ped said:
“I could not tell anyone what happened, not even my husband. I still feel so ashamed and cheated.”

 Another woman with her, who was also r*ped, “vowed never to speak of it again as she was single and believes that news of her r*pe would foreclose her chances of marriage”.

 The majority of abductions by Boko Haram were of Christian women and girls, and many of HRW’s interviewees described being threatened with death or violence if they refused to convert to Islam. One woman said:
 “I was dragged to the camp leader who told me the reason I was brought to the camp was because we Christians worship three gods. When I objected to his claim, he tied a rope around my neck and beat me with a plastic cable until I almost passed out. An insurgent who I recognised from my village convinced me to accept Islam lest I should be killed. So I agreed.”

Some abducted women and girls described forced labour and participation in military operations. A 19-year-old said:
“I was told to approach a group of five men we saw in a nearby village and lure them to where the insurgents were hiding.” She told the young men that she needed help. “When they followed me for a short distance, the insurgents swooped on them. Once we got back to the camp, they tied the legs and the hands of the captives and slit the throats of four of them as they shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’. Then I was handed a knife to kill the last man. I was shaking with horror and couldn’t do it. The camp leader’s wife took the knife and killed him.”

Many of those interviewed by HRW showed signs of stress and anguish, according to the report, although only the Chibok girls had been offered limited counselling. One 15-year-old girl said:
“I could not stop crying even when the insurgents threatened to kill me if I did not keep quiet. I kept on thinking, is it not better to die now than to face whatever terrible things they could do to me when we get to their camp? Even after I escaped from them and live far away from my village, I am still afraid. I think of death many times. My father tries. He encourages me to forget everything, but it is not easy for me. I have terrible dreams at night.”

All of those interviewed by HRW said more could have been done by government security forces to prevent abductions and respond more quickly when they happened. The organisation calls on the Nigerian authorities to investigate and prosecute those who commit serious crimes, to protect schools and the right to education, and ensure access to medical and mental health services for victims of abductions. Source

Details Of Alleged OAU Rapist Who Was Beaten And Paraded By Students Emerge

 The alleged rapist caught has been identfied simply as Abayomi, pictured shirtless above.

 He was caught in Ife town outside OAU campus yesterday. He was alleged to have raped a student from the department of Dramatic Art, Faculty of Art Of Obafemi Awolowo University outside the school campus somewhere behind Damico Institute Along Ede Road, Ife Osun State.

 Abayomi was caught after the rape victim reported to the Students Union who promptly went looking for him. He was brought back to OAU where he was paraded at the Senate Building this evening. He has since been handed over to school security who will hand him over to police.

Gov. Rotimi Amaechi Reacts To Presidential Statement, Warns Reuben Abati

 Governor of Rivers state Rotimi Amaechi, has reacted to yesterday's statement from the presidency where he was told to stop political rascality and blackmail.

 Speaking through the state's Commissioner for Information, Ibim Semenitari, Governor Amaechi said there was never a time he discussed the First lady, Dame Patience Jonathan.

 He also described Presidential Spokesman, Reuben Abati as the rascality within the Presidency. In his word:
"I would want to say that the Presidential Spokesman should be careful for the kind of threats he issues to an elected Governor. He should remember that the President is not a prefect of the governor. He was elected as President just as the Governor was elected as a governor, and Nigeria is a federation. And please, Abati should know his limits and need not attempt to cross his boundaries.

"It is a bit strange to hear the kind of comments coming out of the Presidency and this shows that the statement was already prepared before governor Amaechi spoke. At no point in his speech did Governor Amaechi make any references. His wife was not even discussed because she is not an official of government. I do not understand where or how Mr. Abati got his story, so we just take it that this is one of those clear indications of rascality within the Presidency trying to call a dog a bad name and hang it”.

OAU Students Beat Up & Parade Rapist In School Premises

 According to reports, OAU students earlier today beat up an alleged rapist caught within the school's premises.

 No details were released of the alleged rapist but he's alleged to have raped or tried to rape a year 1 student.