"I Can Feel Bullets Destroying My Organs" - Kano College Survivors, Recount Ordeal

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 Some of the Survivors of  Wednesday’s terror attacks at the Federal College of Education, Kano, are still traumatised by the carnage which left 13 of their colleagues dead with many others severely injured.

 Terrorists believed to be suicide bombers launched an assault on the college, the fallout of which is still rocking the city of Kano. Saturday Tribune was at the sick bed of some of the 34 ‘lucky survivors’ who though savour a lucky escape but have given up the pursuit of academics if that will save their dear lives.

At the Murtala Mohammed Specialist Hospital, Abdulyasar Nasir narrated his ordeal.
At age 12, Nasir is simply too young to study at the College but the boy is known at the school 
premises as a hawker of sachet water.
“I may be young to you but the way you see me, I contribute to the welfare of my family by selling pure water to the students. They all like me so I  make much money off them,” Nasir explained.

Nasri is being treated for wounds from gun shots.

“I  was on campus hawking my goods after closing from school. All of a sudden, I heard gunshots, three of which hit my legs.That was the last I could recall. When I regained consciousness, I  found myself on the hospital,” he said.
Nasir begged Saturday Tribune of two things.
“It’s good you are here, please help tell the doctors in turanci (English) to attend to me quickly. I can feel the bullets are destroying the organs of my body. Then carry it in your paper and tell my parents I  am not dead but here. I am yet to see them here, they may have thought I am one of the casualities.’

Ahmad Kabir, a student of Modern European Languages, said:
“I was looking forward to write a test our lecturers had prepared us for when the invaders struck. First to hit the floor was our lecturer who was hit by a gunshot. Nothing, and I  repeat, nothing can encourage me to go back to school again. Oga, I am in trauma. It is just as if it has just happened.” 
Mohammed Kawu, just like Nasir is apprehensive of what his parents must be going through.

“I  am from Hadejia town in Jigawa State. I  lost my phone in the melee and I  am sure my parents will be wondering what is going on, thinking I  might have been killed,” he said.

Recalling the commando style the terrorists deployed in their approach, Kawu said:“
they shot once and turned their backs. The next thing was sporadic shooting as if they were being commanded by a superior officer. The entire school hall became a house of confusion, with everybody running helter skelter. I screamed Alahu Akbar and lost consciousness. The next thing I  saw was that I  was being fed in the hospital,” he stated.
A delegation of the Federal Government led by the Minister of Education, Malam Ibrahim Shekarau, was at the college on Friday. Shekarau said that the rampant cases of attack on tertiary institutions needed a fresh strategy to curb untimely death of innocent students.

“It is unfortunate that institutions of learning are being targeted by insurgents. I am sure all of us: federal, state, security agents and all concerned have to put hands  on deck to ensure that maximum safety of lives and properties in our institutions must be given the highest priority. 

We see this trend as another challenge to stakeholders to further go back to drawing board to ensure additional strategies to detect and protect the lives and property of the young ones in our institution.  

President Jonathan, on behalf of the Federal Government,  extends his sympathy and condolence to the families, staff and management of this institution for losing numerous innocent students to the attack of insurgents. We also sympathise with the wounded ones who are currently receiving treatments at various hospitals, the entire community who have been seriously traumatised by this incident.”

Earlier the provost of the college, Dr. Rabi Muhammad Jibrila, told the delegation of the pathetic situation the innocent students faced in the hands of the attackers.
“It is worrisome that this ugly situation could be happening in the higher institution of learning. What could have been the offence of students that warranted such an onslaught?” he queried.
The Emir of Kano, Alhaji Muhammad Sanusi 11, also called on the surviving  students of the  college to go back to the school and continue their education, saying that is the only way to defeat the objective and aims of the terrorists.

Sanusi, who made the call when he visited some of the surviving victims  at the Murtala Muhhammed Hospital,  urged them not to be deterred or fearful of going back to school after they have been discharged.

“The aim of the insurgents was to threaten you so that you will be scared of continuing your education, therefore, don’t be disturbed, go back as soon as you are well. See it as part of the challenges you have to face in life to become somebody in future. You are my children, the advice I can give to you are that be determined and be resolute, I believe you will be well very soon, but don’t entertain any fear of going back to continue your education,’’ he added.

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