Funny : Man Rolls Around on The Road Naked After Girlfriend Rejects His Marriage Proposal

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 Romantic gestures are noble as far as they don't backfire spectacularly, just ask this poor guy. He proposed to his girlfriend and to prove his sincerity, he stripped down to the buff and got down on one knee but his lady was not as impressed as he thought she'd be, she turned him down. Poor guy, as if being left out in the cold and on one knee was not enough, the distraught fellow rolled around on the road yelling in pain while still in his birthday suit, holding up traffic.

 The motorists probably didn't wish to rub salt into his wound, his heart had already been broken into a thousand tiny pieces, why crush his body? Footage of the event thought to have taken place in China was uploaded to LiveLeak and has clocked up 22400 views.

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