Grace Amah- Nollywood New Actors Lack Respect For Elder Colleagues

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Renowned Nollywood actress, Grace Amah has called out on  Nollywood new actors saying that they have no respect for their elder colleagues.While speaking to NewsWatch recently,the single mother said.  
“They are favoured because what we went through during my time is certainly not what they are going through now.These days, someone could just walk into a location and act or a producer could just see somebody on the road and call her to come and feature in a movie and before you know what is happening, he or she becomes popular and eventually becomes a celebrity or star as you journalist always say.“Most of these young actors don’t know how to say hello to their seniors and when the seniors take the pains to say hello to them, they arrogantly snub you.“A lot of them don’t have respect for elders in the industry,”

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