Woman Dies After Being Trapped in Elevator For One Month

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 A woman's corpse was discovered inside an elevator in the Chinese city of Xi'an which has led to the detention of an elevator maintenance crew who improperly cut off power to the elevator a month ago without checking if anyone was still inside or not.

In a statement posted Saturday, the Gaoling district government said two maintenance workers turned off the power source on January 30 to the elevator in a residential building after they were called to check on a glitch without making sure it was empty first.

When they returned a month later, on March 1, for repairs, they found a female corpse there, the government said.

The woman was identified as a 43-year-old resident who was living by herself. Police ruled out any foul play but concluded her death was caused by the gross negligence on the part of the maintenance crew in a case of involuntary manslaughter, the government said.

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